Novruz in Azerbaijan

Celebrate the ancient Persian New Year in style.

Thanks to the collaboration with SW Travel, one of the main tour operators of Azerbaijan, we suggest an itinerary to discover one of the most ancient traditions of Azerbaijan.


Day 1
Arrival in Baku with Azerbaijan Airlines flight and overnight.

Day 2
Excursion to the “Yanardag”, the "Burning Mountain", an ancient Zoroastrian place of worship characterized by eternal flames fueled by natural gas leaks from the subsoil.
Excursion to the “Ateshgah”, an ancient Zoroastrian temple (17th century).
Lunch on the way to the fortress and museum of Gala. Visit to the archaeological and ethnographic museum of Gala.

Day 3
Visit to the ancient part of Baku. Guided walk to the old city (Maiden Tower (12th century), Juma Mosque (12th century), Caravanserai (Multani 14th century & Buxara 15th century), Shirvanshahs Palace complex (15th century), Juma mosque (15th century) sec.), Mohammed mosque (14th century), ancient hammam, Khan's House (15th century).
Participation in the Novruz festivities in the old town.
Visit to the modern part of Baku. Walk along the Baku Seaside (Philharmonic building, “Little Venice”, Mugam museum, Carpet museum, Crystal Plaza, Baku Flame Towers and other iconic buildings of the city).

Day 4
Return to Italy with Azerbaijan Airlines direct flight

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