Azerbaijan Visa

New electronic visa for Azerbaijan available to Italian citizens

The new electronic visa system allows obtaining a visa in three days and at reduced costs

Azerbaijan has activated an e-visa system (electronic visa) for citizens of 81 states (including Italy) that allows you to apply for and receive a visa for three working days, with a completely digitalized procedure. The visa thus obtained will be valid for 30 days and at an extremely low cost, equal to US $ 20.

What is the advantage? The new electronic visa system greatly reduces time and costs, as it will no longer be necessary to go personally to the consulates of Azerbaijan to apply for a visa. In addition, the electronic visa will also be valid for those traveling to Azerbaijan for work, thus allowing considerable simplification for this type of user as well.

What impact on the timing? The e-Visa will be issued in a maximum of 3 working days. All procedures will be digital, with significant savings in time and money.

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