Hand carry luggage policy

Hand baggage dimensions and weight on AZAL flights

Azerbaijan Airlines applies the following rules for hand baggage allowed on board Azerbaijan Airlines flights:

The allowable weight for hand baggage is 10 kg for all AZAL flights. The sum of the dimensions of the hand luggage (height x width x depth) must not exceed 118cm (55 * 40 * 23cm).

Caution. For flights operated by Buta Airways, hand baggage always requires a payment of 25 euros (with no maximum weight limit).

Larger hand baggage will be carried by Azerbaijan Airlines in the cargo hold within the limits set by the allowance. If the baggage allowance is exceeded by quantity, size and / or weight, the flat rates for excess baggage apply. Personal documents, medicines, valuables, mobile phone and laptop must be carried in the cabin baggage.

The following items cannot be carried in the hold, but only in the cabin: fuel cell systems and spare cartridges, portable oxygen concentrators, safety matches and lighters as well as spare batteries (lithium-metal, lithium-ion) and electronic cigarettes.

Other rules for hand baggage

The following items are also allowed in the cabin: another piece (max. 30 x 40 x 10 cm, for example handbag, computer holder), for each child a baby carrier or a seat or a folding stroller (possible transport in the hold) and a wheelchair / orthopedic supports (e.g. mobility aids).

You cannot bring into the cabin: weapons, weapon-like objects, toy weapons, pointed, sharp or blunt objects (for example, scissors, pocket knives, baseball bats) and any other dangerous object.

N.B.: The space under the front seat can also be used to store hand luggage. The rows at the emergency exit are excluded.

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